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Maropost offers two distinct mobile applications catering to different user needs: A marketing-focused app providing account dashboards and reports and an app for order fulfillment and shipping labeling.

However, users expressed a desire for a unified mobile platform that integrates both marketing and commerce functionalities, allowing seamless access to key features from a single application.

My Role

As a UX/UI & Product Designer, my primary focus was on creating a unified mobile app that seamlessly integrates the features of both the marketing and commerce applications within the Maropost platform. Here's how I contributed:

  1. Unified Mobile App Design: My role involved conceptualising and designing a cohesive mobile app interface that combines the functionalities of both the marketing and commerce applications. This included creating a user-centric design solution that provides a seamless and integrated experience for managing Maropost accounts and order fulfillment processes.

  2. Collaboration with Stakeholders: I coordinated closely with Product Owners, Developers, and other key stakeholders to ensure alignment between design vision and developmental capabilities. By facilitating communication and collaboration across multidisciplinary teams, I ensured that the final design solution met both user needs and technical requirements.

  3. User Flow Development: One of my key responsibilities was to develop comprehensive user flows that mapped out the journey users would take within the unified mobile app. These user flows served as a roadmap for the design process, guiding the development of intuitive and efficient navigation paths.

  4. High-Fidelity Prototypes: I created high-fidelity prototypes to visualise the design concepts and demonstrate the functionality of the unified mobile app. These prototypes allowed stakeholders to interact with the design in a realistic context, providing valuable feedback for refinement and iteration.

  5. Requirements Gathering: I collaborated with Product Owners, Customer Success Managers, and Business Analysts to gather and analyse requirements for the unified mobile app. By understanding the needs and priorities of various stakeholders, I ensured that the design solution effectively addressed user pain points and business objectives.

  6. Team Collaboration: I worked within a multidisciplinary team consisting of Product Owners for Marketing Cloud, Customer Success Managers, a Business Analyst, and Developers. By leveraging the diverse expertise of team members, we collectively contributed to the success of the project and the delivery of a unified mobile app that met user expectations.

By fulfilling these responsibilities and collaborating effectively with stakeholders and team members, I played a critical role in designing a unified mobile app that enhances the user experience and streamlines operations within the Maropost platform.

Site Mapping Guide
Site Mapping
  1. Understand User Frustrations and Priorities: Prior to diving into design and development, the first step was to thoroughly understand the frustrations, needs, and priorities of Maropost users. By identifying pain points and determining what mattered most to users, we gained valuable insights that guided the design process.

  2. Research & Identify Users: I utilised personas and conducted interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the behaviours, goals, and preferences of our target users. These personas served as all-rounder representations of user archetypes, helping us empathize with the diverse needs of our audience and inform our design decisions.

  3. Ideate & Develop Flow: With insights from user research, I began ideating and developing different user flows and structures for the unified mobile app. This involved brainstorming sessions to explore various approaches and validate ideas with the development team to ensure feasibility and alignment with technical capabilities.

  4. Design: Based on the finalised user flows, I proceeded to create both low and high-fidelity designs for the mobile app. Throughout the design process, I maintained constant feedback loops with stakeholders, incorporating their input and ensuring that the designs effectively addressed user needs and priorities.

  5. Testing: Prior to final development, I conducted rigorous testing of the designs, either internally or externally. This testing phase allowed us to identify any usability issues, gather feedback from users, and iterate on the designs to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience.

By following this structured process, we were able to develop a unified mobile app that seamlessly integrates the functionalities of both the marketing and commerce applications within the Maropost platform. My approach focused on understanding user needs, ideating solutions, and iteratively refining designs based on feedback, ultimately resulting in a user-centric and impactful product.

I Focused on All Rounder Persona

Our research process for the unified mobile app involved comprehensive end-to-end research to ensure that every aspect of the user experience was informed by user insights and feedback. This included:

  1. Persona Development: I created all-rounder personas based on user interviews and data analysis to capture the diverse needs and behaviours of Maropost users, providing a holistic understanding of our target audience.

  2. User Journey Mapping: I mapped out the end-to-end user journey, from initial onboarding to authentication processes, identifying key touch points and pain points along the way.

  3. Usability Testing: Throughout the design and development process, I conducted usability testing sessions to gather feedback on the onboarding, login, and multi-factor authentication experiences, ensuring that they met user expectations and usability standards.

Mobile App Wireframe
  1. Design Critiques and Collaboration: Throughout the design process, I facilitated regular design critiques with the design team, developers, and customer success representatives. These collaborative sessions provided valuable feedback and insights from diverse perspectives, helping to identify areas for improvement and refine the design solutions.

  2. Advocating for an Improved Maropost App: As a UX/UI & Product Designer, I advocated for the continual improvement of the Maropost app, championing user-centered design principles and advocating for enhancements that would benefit our users. By collaborating closely with stakeholders and presenting compelling design proposals, I successfully advocated for key improvements and features to be implemented in the app.

  3. Moving Forward with Design: Despite challenges and constraints, I successfully navigated through the design process, overcoming obstacles and driving progress towards the envisioned design goals. Through effective communication and collaboration with cross-functional teams, I ensured that design decisions were aligned with business objectives and user needs, ultimately moving the project forward with confidence.

  4. UX Writing Skills: As part of my role, I leveraged my UX writing skills to craft clear and concise copy that enhances the user experience across the Maropost app. From onboarding flows to error messages and in-app notifications, I produced extensive written material that guides users and communicates important information effectively, contributing to a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

By integrating design critiques, advocating for improvements, and leveraging UX writing skills, I played a key role in enhancing the overall user experience of the Maropost app, driving forward progress and ensuring that design decisions were informed by user insights and feedback.